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Jenkins - Docker - Kubernetes

DevOps Automation - Container Orchestration - MultiCloud Deployment


Kubeline includes highly available Jenkins DevOps platform to orchestrate the build process and automatically deploy the applications.

It provides

  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
  • Scheduled triggering
  • Scheduled deployment
  • Artifact Search
  • Notifications for pipeline events. Read more.


The Docker Image Pipeline automates

  • Image pull
  • Creation
  • Add artifacts and files
  • Updates
  • Test and Push images to the chosen registry by few clicks.

The platform eliminates manual configuration of agents and integrates with GitHub, Bitbucket, Nexus and Docker registries. Read more.


The K8S platform tools enable customers to provision highly scalable, resilient and high performance native Kubernetes at AWS, GCP, Azure and On-Premise to orchestrate and deploy the containers with highly availability. The automation utilities eliminates manual operations, improved versioning and network communication. Read more.


The Tensorflow based machine learning algorithm adds real time analytics to have an intelligent DevOps pipeline that is powered by MongoDB API’s. The formulas and algorithms scans the build logs storage and monitor the CI/CD processes to avoid DevOps pipeline errors proactively. Read more.


Kubeline includes Elasticsearch to search complex build logs with high precision using REST API’s and JSON form. Additional support tools such as Logstash and Kibana improves analyzing patterns with reporting dash board. Read more.

Self-Service Platform

The intuitive UI platform adds build and operational tools that enable

  • Rapid application build
  • Creation of containers
  • Artifacts Management
  • MultiCloud deployment and Orchestration Read more.


Kuberiter Saas application is subscription based that provide the following benefits

  • Pay as you Go
  • Highly Scalable
  • Integration API’s
  • Free from upgrades and versioning Read more.

On Premise

Kuberiter Enterprise solution enable the customers to install and configure the full-stack of our products at On Premise using preconfigured VM templates, Docker Images and Terraform oriented pipelines. Our professional team manage install, configuration, upgrades, customization and security of your DevOps environment. Read more.

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